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Lomandras for Queensland


Queensland can have some very extreme conditions for landscape plantings, wet, dry and high humidity can cause problems for a lot of plant species. Lomandras are a notoriously tough plant, but not every lomandra variety is suited to the Queensland climate. This article will show which are the best lomandras for Queensland, even ones that are phytophthora resistant.

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Advantages of Using Native Plants in Gardens


Our Australian native’s plants are greatly desired overseas, and it is any wonder, they are tough, reliable plants that work and look wonderful in many garden styles. In the past Australian native plants have often been thought of as untidy, but with breeders producing new cultivars, there is now tidier, even tougher Australian Native plants suitable for every garden.

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Tanika® Lomandra is a drought tolerant landscape plant

Tanika® Lomandra is a drought tolerant landscape plant

Tanika® Lomandra longfolia 'LM300' PBR

In Spring 2012 Tanika® Lomandra had its 10th birthday as the best landscape plant in Australia. Its popularity keeps rising whether it’s for a home garden or a large commercial development. So why is it so popular?

Is it its clean fine dark green foliage and its bright golden flowers that make it a vast improvement over the common Lomandra?

Is it its evergreen foliage in cold frost and its legendary drought tolerance. No other Lomandra has ever come close and the ones that also have fine foliage simply never stay as clean.

If you want green and not straw brown in cold heat and drought then Tanika® Lomandra is the best and most reliable choice. Tanika® Lomandra has an average size of 60cm wide and high and if it gets taller than this, a trim every 4 to 5 years keeps it really tidy.

In Spring or Autumn either prune it into a ball shape or prune it hard back to a to about 15cm.

With its reliability and low maintenance Tanika® Lomandra has become Australia’s favourite evergreen plant.

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Nyalla® Lomandra is a strappy leaf plant with a grass tree look

If you live near the coast, this is the best Lomandra for salt laden winds, but even if you live inland you should still consider Nyalla® Lomandra.  It looks like a grass tree with out a trunk.

Nyalla® Lomandra longfolia 'LM400'

Its foliage is almost always clean looking, it stays evergreen even under heavy frost and its drought tolerance is legendary.

Nyalla® Lomandra longfolia 'LM400' PBR

This one here (just above) is fully grown and has stayed evergreen without ever having pruning for 7 years. No wonder it’s so popular.

Nyalla® Lomandra works well all over Australia except in humid parts like Queensland. It’s a great soil stabilizer for slopes and it handles most soil types, even very sandy soil types.

Nyalla® Lomandra longfolia 'LM400' PBR

Nyalla® Lomandra works well in full sun to part shade. It’s definitely one of the most reliable landscape plants around. Ideal for mass planting or as a specimen plant like this one above.

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SunGold™ Lomandra is a very drought and cold tolerant plant with golden variegated foliage

SunGold™ Lomandra is a very drought and cold tolerant plant with golden variegated foliage

Sungold™ Lomandra longifolia 'LMV100' PBR

SunGold™ Lomandra is one of those drought tolerant, no fuss, easy care reliable plants. The variegation on this Lomandra longifolia is subtle, yet its golden colour provides rich contrast for any garden.

This tough Lomandra works well in cold climates such as Canberra, but also in hot dry zones. It will even cope with the humidity of South East Queensland, provided the soil is not heavy and periodically wet. Ultimately it will get 600mm high, but can be pruned each few years to keep it lower if you want. So go for gold, go Sungold.

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‘KATRINUS DELUXE’ Lomandra is a more dense erosion control plant with masses of yellow flowers

‘KATRINUS DELUXE’ Lomandra is a more dense erosion control plant with masses of yellow flowers

Lomandra longifolia Katrinus Deluxe


Lomandra longifolia ‘Katrinus Deluxe’ is one of the most drought tough plants in the world. Not only has it got a finer leaf than most Lomandra longifolia, but it also flowers more. Look at the masses of yellow flowers on these plants. Katrinus Deluxe tolerates most types of soils, and is more frost tolerant than most Lomandra types.

In more humid regions it is best to avoid using this plant in periodically saturated soils, or depressed areas. In non humid areas this is not a concern. Katrinus Deluxe handles full sun and moderate to slightly heavy shade. It is widely used as a Roadside plant in Australia, New Zealand and the USA due to it’s toughness, its low maintenance, its evergreen habit, and the fact that it will not produce seed.

It is an excellent erosion control plant. These Katrinus Deluxe have been in for many years, and have never been pruned, and this is about as big as they get.

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