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Grey Box™ Westringia Crowned Plant of the Year 2015

Grey Box Westringia has been named Plant of the Year 2015 at the well-respected Nursery & Garden Industry Australia awards. It has been an outstanding seller for nurseries around Australia. With a super compact form, stunning foliage and remarkable versatility it makes a perfect addition in gardens and landscapes alike.

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Bold native flowers for your garden

Australian native plants generally require less water to maintain, are easier to grow and can tolerate the Australian climate better than other exotic plant varieties. But did you know that there is a wide variety of flowering Australian natives that can be added to your garden in place of exotics for that explosion of bold colour your looking for?

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The Ozbreed Native Shrub and Ground Covers Range

The Ozbreed Native Shrub and Ground Covers Range

Ozbreed’s Native Shrub and Ground Cover Range is a specially selected collection of Australian native plants that not only look good but are also better performing.

They handle harsh conditions including drought and frost, while still looking great in the landscape.

This range includes a selection of Callistemon, Grevillea, Westringia, Casuarina, Hardenbergia and more. We’ve listed some of the varieties in this range below:

Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon viminalis 'CC19' PBR

Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon viminalis ‘CC19’ PBR, is an ultra compact, fine leaf Callistemon bred from ‘Captain Cook’. It has beautiful rustic new growth foliage with showy red flowers. Slim™ Callistemon viminalis 'CV01' PBR

Slim™ Callistemon viminalis ‘CV01’ PBR, provides landscape professionals and homeowners with a narrow slimline growth habit perfect for screening, hedging and tight spaces.

Naringa™ Westringia 'WES01' PBR

Naringa™ Westringia ‘WES01’ PBR, is one of the best hedging Westringia’s available on the market today, because it keeps its form even after years of growth.

Ozbreed Aussie Box® Westringia 'WES02' PBR

Ozbreed Aussie Box® Westringia ‘WES02’ PBR, is a tough, native alternative to exotic box hedging plants like English Box and Japanese Box.

Rivan™ Kunzea ambigua 'KA01' PP 2010202581

Rivan™ Kunzea ambigua ‘KA01’ PP 2010202581, is a tough, reliable Kunzea ambigua with a much more compact tidy growth habit and uniformed appearance.

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Green John™ Callistemon is a dense shrub with green foliage

Green John™ Callistemon is a dense shrub with green foliage 

Green John™ Callistemon viminalis 'LJ23' PBR

Green John™ Callistemon is a very similar size to the popular Little John but with one big advantage It has much cleaner foliage and is far less likely to go woody like Little John does.

The vivid red flowers of Green John also contrast better with it’s crisp green foliage.

Green John™ gets beautiful light green new growth that later turns dark green. It can be pruned yearly and keep it at a height of as low as 50cm to keep it super tidy or it can be left to naturally grow to about 1m over many years.

So, for a far tidier John, switch from Little John to Green John™ Callistemon

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Macarthur™ Callistemon is a better flowering native shrub with fresh green toned foliage

Macarthur™ Callistemon is a better flowering native shrub with fresh green toned foliage

Macarthur™ Callistemon viminalis 'LC01' PBR

Macarthur™ Callistemon is a mid sized, mass flowering dense shrub. There is a real gap in the market. You have little John or Better John for small bottle brushes, and many that get bigger, but few that fit that dense mid sized callistemon category.

Macarthur™ Callistemon is a cross between the popular Little John, and captain cook varieties. Macarthur™ Callistemon  not only flowers more profusely, but has the dense form you need from a bottle Brush. It works well in humid or hot dry climates, and also does well in frost. A prune every three to 4 years will help it keep tidier.

Macarthur™ Callistemon viminalis 'LC01' PBR

This Macarthur™ Callistemon (above) is 6 years old and unpruned.

Macarthur™ Callistemon viminalis 'LC01' PBR

These Macarthur™ Callistemons are about 2 and a half years old, and already looking great, without any pruning.

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Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon is an ultra-compact shrub with rustic red new growth

Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon is an ultra-compact shrub with rustic red new growth

Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon viminalis 'CC19' PBR

As far as Callistemon or Bottle Brush go, Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon is very dense and compact. It was breed from the very popular Callistemon Captain Cook. Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon is not only about half the size, but has dense foliage that responds well to a yearly prune. Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon makes a great medium sized hedge, or screen, or can simply be planted as a specimen.

Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon viminalis 'CC19' PBR

After 5 years and three times being pruned, Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon only reached this high

In Autumn and early Spring, and sometimes in Winter, Scarlet Flame™ Callistemon flushes masses of beautiful red toned foliage. With Scarlet Flame you get red more often. Red toned foliage, followed by masses of these beautiful red flowers.

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Naringa™ Westringia is the best medium-tall hedging plant available

Naringa™ Westringia is the best medium-tall hedging plant available and has to be one of the most drought tolerant hedging plants as well.

Naringa Westringia 'WES01' PBR

It also establishes a hedge quickly, yet unlike many plants that do that, it won’t get much higher than the one in this photo above. Naringa™ Westringia can be grown into a beautiful manicured ball shape like the one in this photo below.

Naringa Westringia 'WES01' PBR

Its flowers are prolific, putting on a show for much of Spring, and in many region again in autumn. Naringa™ Westringia can also be kept as a lower growing hedge if pruned twice per year. For larger hedges it will only need yearly pruning. Naringa™ Westringia is one of the most cold tolerant Westringia types, yet it also loves the heat.

Many are finding Naringa™ Westringia ideal for topiary, as it grows quickly, yet needs only moderate pruning. Naringa™ Westringia does need pruning at least every 2 years to remain tidy looking, and should be pruned a few months after planting for the first time if possible. Naringa™ Westringia works well inland, and like all Westringia types it copes really well in high wind coastal areas.

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