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YALBA™ Imperata is a tough compact native grass with longer lasting feathery plumes

YALBA™ Imperata is a tough compact native grass with longer lasting feathery plumes

YALBA™ Imperata cylindrica 'ICL200' PBR

What can you say about this but wow. Not only is this Australian native grass gorgeous, but it’s as tough as nails. If you trim YALBA™ Imperata back at the right time, your landscape can have beautiful fluffy plumes for 4 to 5 months. The best time to trim is early March. Trimmed then, Yalba can be the real star of your landscape all winter.  YALBA™ with the botanical name Imperata cylindrical ‘ICL200’, is best planted as a monoculture, as it spreads and will dominate anything else planted with it.

All this makes it brilliant at suppressing weeds,  making large areas easy to look after. It usually gets up to 60cm high, which is much shorter than the common form, and grows, in just about any soil type including very poor soils. YALBA™ Imperata is super drought and frost tolerant, and Imperata cylindrical itself occurs in every state of Australia.

It’s foliage takes on a reddish tone in winter, which contrast brilliantly with the feathery plumes. It’s great on road sides, where it should be slashed once per year, in median strips, on slopes for erosion control, or for any large mass planted area for home or commercial landscapes. Maintenance of YALBA™ Imperata is really low and easy, provided you follow the care sheet.

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