Screening & Hedging

An all new Screening and Hedging website is now available to better help you choose plants for hedges and screens.

Australian Natives, Grevillea, Callistemons, and Succulents amongst a huge range of plants by Ozbreed

This site also contains valuable information on pruning, fertilising and pests and diseases in hedges and screens.

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Turf varieties for Subtropical regions


Zoysia grasses are quickly gaining popularity in Queensland and subtropical regions.

Their drought and humidity tolerance makes them an excellent choice, but one of the things that makes Zoysia stand above the rest is that it is more resistant to pests and diseases and best of all it is lower maintenance in these climates, they are slower growing and therefore less mowing is required.

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Plants that make good lawn borders


You may think that choosing plants to border your lawn is easy, but there are some many variables to consider before choosing plants. Height, spread and colour are just a few things to deliberate, but this article will explain what the best plants are for lawn borders.

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Lomandras for Queensland


Queensland can have some very extreme conditions for landscape plantings, wet, dry and high humidity can cause problems for a lot of plant species. Lomandras are a notoriously tough plant, but not every lomandra variety is suited to the Queensland climate. This article will show which are the best lomandras for Queensland, even ones that are phytophthora resistant.

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Lawn Edging


Whipper snipping the edges of your lawn is not a job anyone really likes, but it is necessary if you want your freshly mown lawn to look tidy. Lawn edging is predominantly functional, but it can also be so much more than just a barrier.

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How to have the best looking lawn on the street


Drought and other factors can play a big part in how good or bad your lawn looks. But to keep your lawn looking great may be easier than you think, consistent and regular care is the secret. The question of where to start always comes up, this article will help you answer this and many other questions.

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Does a Green Wall count as Green Space?


Green space has a positive impact on people, society and the environment. But unfortunately the amount of green space in our well populated cities is dwindling. So are green walls the answer to help solve our issue of declining green space?

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Common Lawn Problems


Yard too shady, are you mowing your lawn too short, or perhaps you’re over-watering your lawn. These are all very common lawn problems, and can be corrected or even prevented with the correct maintenance, and/or turf selection.

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Common Lawn Pests and Diseases

White Curl Grub, Army Worm, Sod-Web Worm and Fungal diseases can spell disaster for an unhealthy lawn. But with early diagnosis and early treatment you could have your lawn back and fighting fit in no time.


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Advantages of Using Native Plants in Gardens


Our Australian native’s plants are greatly desired overseas, and it is any wonder, they are tough, reliable plants that work and look wonderful in many garden styles. In the past Australian native plants have often been thought of as untidy, but with breeders producing new cultivars, there is now tidier, even tougher Australian Native plants suitable for every garden.

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