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Wingarra® Lomandra is a strappy leaf plant with large Deep Rhizomes

Wingarra® Lomandra is a strappy leaf plant with large Deep Rhizomes

Wingarra® Lomandra contertifolia

This tough little Lomandra has a very fine texture which from a distance gives it the appearance of a native tussock grass. Better still this Wingarra® Lomandra has been here for 12 years and has never been pruned. Look how evergreen it is.

Unlike Tussock grass or Poa, Wingarra® Lomandra will generally not need trimming. Its blue appearance provides a nice contrast to other plants. Being a Lomandra contertifolia, Wingarra® Lomandra is slower than Lomandra longifolia types so larger pot sizes are recommended. Wingarra® Lomandra is particularly good for areas that get part shade.

Unlike all other contertifolia types in the market place Wingarra® Lomandra has deep rhizomes which make it tougher and more able to cope with difficult;t situations. Wingarra® Lomandra reaches a height of 30cm to 40cm with a spread of 50cm to 60cm after a few years.

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