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260ml tube for Native Shrubs and Groundcovers and Hardy Exotics

260ml tube for Native Shrubs and Groundcovers and Hardy Exotics

260ml deep tube

260ml Deep Tube for shrub and groundcover plants – lower costs without jeopardising establishment

Ozbreed looked far and wide for a tube suitable to grow our Native Shrubs and Groundcovers and Hardy Exotics until we found it. The 260ml deep tube is great for these ranges of plants as it lowers the cost of planting without sacrificing good plant establishment.

This tube is as tall as a 140mm pot, yet not as wide (only 55mm wide). The extra depth results in better plant establishment in the harsh Australian Climate. The smaller width of the tube keeps the cost lower, but the depth makes sure the plant (especially shrubby plants) will have better establishment, compared to other tubes that are shorter.

The Shrubs and Groundcovers and the Hardy Exotics ranges are still available in larger sizes, but if you’re on a low budget, this tube is the smallest size we recommend for these ranges.

Next time you specify plants, consider using a 260ml deep tube to keep costs down and help give your landscape the best chance at establishment. This size is now available from Ozbreed growers, although as it is still fairly new you will mainly have to pre-order plants in this size.

Please enquire with your local Ozbreed grower.

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