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Sweet Mist® Phormium is an ultra compact contrasting plant

Sweet Mist® Phormium is an ultra compact contrasting plant 

Sweet Mist® Phormium tenax 'PH0S2' PBR

Sweet Mist® Phormium is a real sweetie, it’s the most compact purpurea foliage Phormium out there. It’s beautiful bronze foliage provides great stunning contrast to any garden.

Growing to an approx height of 35cm to 40cm tall makes it ideal as a garden border for mass planting or as a specimen plant.

Sweet Mist® Phormium grows well in full sun to shaded positions it tolerates heavy frost and moderately dry conditions and will need summer irrigations in most parts of Australia. Used in Sydney it is best in a free draining sheltered garden.

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Feathertop™ Baloskion is a compact plant ideal for rain gardens

Feathertop™ Baloskion is a compact plant ideal for rain gardens

FEATHER TOP™ Baloskion tetraphyllum 'BUNNAN' PBR

If you’re looking for a beautiful plant to fill in areas that get light to heavy shade this one is a ripper.

Feathertop™ Baloskion has soft feathery foliage that looks soft and desirable. Feathertop is far more compact than the common form being less than half the height growing to 60 to 70 cm.

It’s interesting foliage makes it a real showpiece. It can handle full sun if it is grown in good soils and just given a little bit of extra water. It makes a great rain garden plant and it grows really well with wet feet.

It’s foliage makes a great filler in a vase set amongst flowers. For something a little different that’s fairly forgiving to grow, give Feathertop™ Baloskion a try.

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Double Gold™ Gazania is a sterile spreading ground cover plant with masses of yellow flowers

Double Gold™ Gazania is a sterile spreading ground cover plant with masses of yellow flowers

Double Gold™ Gazania hybrid 'GT20' PBR

Far more flowers is just one thing that makes Double Gold™ Gazania better than other Gazanias. Firstly, most Gazania types make lots of seed, and that means it can be invasive. Double Gold™ Gazania is absolutely sterile.

The breeders at Nuflora and Sydney University spent many years ensuring this. So Double Gold™ Gazania  can be planted without guilt. Just enjoy the masses of flowers. Other forms of blue foliage Gazania spread across the ground quite quickly, meaning lots of pruning.

Double Gold™ Gazania is far easier to look after. It speads a little, which is a good thing, as it fills in gaps, but it is not as rapid as other blue foliage gazanias. Double Gold™ Gazania has great Drought tolerance, excellent frost tolerance, and tolerates poor soils.

So if you are looking for a ground hugging plant that’s tough, environmentally safe, and just flowers its head off, then why not consider Double Gold™ Gazania.

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Sunrise™ Cordyline is a heat tolerant plant with vivid pink and maroon foliage

Sunrise™ Cordyline is a heat tolerant plant with vivid pink and maroon foliage

Sunrise™ Cordyline australis 'LELC03' PBR

Need a stand out landscape plant. These Sunrise™ Cordyline speak for themselves with their vivid pink to maroon variegated foliage.

Sunrise™ Cordyline  is far more heat tolerant than other vivid pink cordyline types. Its foliage stays cleaner through the summer and even in the colder temperatures it holds up well.

Sunrise™ Cordyline  will grow up to 2m in height and it takes several years for it to develop a trunk of any size. It is a great feature or specimen plant. If they get too tall for you, every few years you can simply cut back the trunk low, and they will reshoot looking even better.

They are great in gardens, along fences, or as a container plant. If you want eye catching vivid colours than Sunrise™ Cordyline is for you.

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FLAMIN’® Phormium is a tougher mid sized plant with foliage that literally glows in the sun

FLAMIN’® Phormium is a tougher mid sized plant with foliage that literally glows in the sun

Flamin'® Phormium tenax 'PH0S3' PBR

Flamin'® Phormium tenax 'PH0S3' PBR

Flamin’® Phormium is a rich coloured mid sized plant. But it isn’t its vibrant colour that makes it better than other Phormium types. It’s Flamin’® Phormium’s ability to better withstand the heat. Sure, it won’t work in Queensland, but in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth, it survives far better than any other purperea Phormium.

In the sunlight, Flamin’® Phormium literally glows, and that’s where it got its name from. Flamin’® like any Phormium prefers reasonable soil, and beifits from a yearly slow release fertiliser application. If you want to keep it smaller, simply cut it back in Spring or Autumn every 3 to 5 years.

Leave a few leaves out the side for a few weeks, and then cut them off as well when the new shoots appear. For reliable foliage contrast 365 days per year, give Flamin’® Phormium a go.

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Red Alert™ Callistemon is a native hedge alternative to Photinia

Red Alert™ Callistemon is a native hedge alternative to Photinia

RED ALERT™ Callistemon viminalis 'KPS38' PBR

Red Alert™ Callistemon with its mass of red foliage new growth is a super drought tolerant native alternative to Photinia. Photinia is used all over Australia as a hedge, because people love its red new growth. Well Red Alert™ Callistemon is simply a better alternative, not just because it is native, but because it provides a better solution for the extremes of Australia’s hot summer. Callistemon viminalis are known for their ability to survive and prosper in tough Aussie conditions.

It tolerates most soil types, including poor soils, and is very frost, heat and humidity tolerant. Red Alert™ Callistemon’s vivid red new growth for about 4 months of the year is equal to Photinia, so you do not need to compromise on colour. It is more compact than most Photinia plants, so it will provide a far lower maintenance hedge. Unpruned it will reach above your head, but pruned once or twice per year it is a fabulous screening plant for hedges from around waste height to above your head.

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Cassa Blue® Dianella is a strappy leaf plant with beautiful blue foliage

Cassa Blue® Dianella is a strappy leaf plant with beautiful blue foliage

Cassa Blue® Dianella has masses of flowers, more than any other Dianella and it’s form is more of a clumping Dianella caerulea rather than spreading.

Cassa Blue® Dianella caerulea 'DBB03' PBR


Its stunning blue foliage, and highly desirable size and shape, make it the ideal plant for commercial landscape and home garden design, especially for South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, the ACT and California in the US, where it works in most soil types and conditions, including wind swept coastal areas, or hot dry inland conditions.  

In Sydney and Brisbane, Or Florida in the US it needs better draining soils to perform at its best. So for blue foliage or masses of these flowers, plant Cassa Blue® Dianella in your Landscape.

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Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is a compact ground cover plant with deep burgundy foliage

Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact spreading habit it has stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a stand out plant.

Little Ruby Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' PBR

Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is a third of the size of common Alternanthera dentata, it grows approx 30cm to 40cm tall and 60cm to 90cm wide and grows in full sun to part shade. Little Ruby loves humidity. It’s perfectly suited to Northern NSW and QLD. In cold climates plant it in a sheltered position to protect it from frost.

Little Ruby can be used as a ground cover, water plant or in containers. For low growing purple foliage all year round Little Ruby is a great choice.

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GOLD CLUSTER™ Grevillea is a flat growing ground cover plant with masses of gold flowers

The Gold Cluster™ Grevillea plant is the lowest growing, ground hugging, cold tolerant Grevillea around.

GOLD CLUSTER™ Grevillea juniperina 'H22' PBR

It is far more prostrate than other Grevillea juneperina types. Best of all it has more flowers for longer. In winter it is one the highlights of the garden, flowering at a time when little else does, but it also flowers well into Spring. It’s not suited to tropical regions, or higher humidity areas, but it is suitable for hot dry areas, or moderately humid areas.

As far as Grevillea plants go it is more cold tolerant, and is definitely less fussy than most Grevillea plants. Remember, although not essential, a prune every 2 years does help it keep more tidy.

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CHERRY CLUSTER™ Grevillea is a tough groundcover shrub with masses of red flowers

Cherry Cluster™ Grevillea is a compact reliable  shrub for temperate or hot and dry regions.

CHERRY CLUSTER™ Grevillea rhyolitica x juniperina ' TWD01' PBR

I love its beautiful deep red flowers, that put on a great show for much of Winter and early Spring, as well as spasmodic flowering at other times of the year. It is one of the best compact grevillea forms, and can cope with more frost than most other forms. It can be used as a ground cover form if pruned yearly, or like this (click on the photo to watch a video of Cherry Cluster™) as a small shrub form in it’s natural shape.

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