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5 Lawn Care Videos To Help You Keep A Healthy Lawn

Check out these lawn care videos

‪How To Lay Turf Properly | Step By Step Instruction Video

How To Lay Turf - Ozbreed


Watering And Fertilising Tips For Your Lawn

In These watering and fertilising tips you’ll learn how to to make your lawn turf more drought tolerant, through better watering and irrigation techniques. Which Fertiliser is best for your lawn? When should you fertilize?

The grass being watered at:

0:12 min = Palmetto Buffalo Grass

1:20 min = Sapphire Buffalo Grass


‪Lawn Mowing Tips‬

There is a lot more to mowing your lawn than just pushing your mower. You need to get the height right in sun and shade, as well as removing just the right amount of leaf. Mowing in wet weather is easier if you know how, and learn how to de-thatch your grass with a lawn mower. The results will be far nicer turf.

The grass being mown at the start of this video:

00:00 sec = Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Mowing in shaded areas:

01:11 min = Palmetto Buffalo Grass


Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn

Learn how to kill weeds with chemicals and natural non chemical methods. Broad leaf weeds and grass weeds often invade lawns, so knowing how to treat them is a real advantage.

The grass being mowed at: 00:16 sec = Sapphire Buffalo Grass

Being hand weeded at: 00:24 sec = Palmetto Buffalo Grass


‪Lawn Grub And Disease Control | Diagnosis And Treatment

The first step to solving your lawn grub and disease problem is proper identification. After that there are many ways to control and prevent them to make your lawn stronger so it can better handle these problems. From Army Worm to Fungus Disease, this Video will help you… 

5 Great Buffalo Grass Articles

What Makes a True Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass? – Microscopic Buffalo Grass Photos

What Makes Buffalo Grass So scratchy

By Katrina Layt. This is what the tip of an old style scratchy Buffalo grass leaf looks like. These barbs you can see are what give you that scratchy feel on the old style Buffalo. What we can learn from these photos is that certain Buffalo types may not be as soft as they claim. […read more ]


Sapphire® Buffalo Grass – Because people just want the best-looking lawn in the street

Choosing The Right Turf

This leaf (on your left) is typical of the other buffalo types and this leaf (on your right) is the finer Sapphire®  leaf.  Sapphire® is not only the most beautiful buffalo turf on the market – with it’s beautiful green fine soft texture – it is one of the toughest and most functional […read more ] Click here for more info on Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass


3 Ways To Kill Kikuyu From Your Buffalo Lawn | Palmetto Buffalo Grass Articles

3 Ways To Kill Kikuyu From Your Buffalo Lawn- Why winter is the best time to do it. Winter is definitely the best time to kill Kikuyu from your Buffalo lawn, (and Couch, or Zoysia grass too). Kikuyu remains active in many different areas of Australia, whilst the other grass types almost stop growing. […read more ] Click here for more info on Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass


Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn | Palmetto Buffalo Grass Articles

Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn The best 2 ways to prevent weeds is by mowing regularly, and choose a lawn like Buffalo or Zoysia that naturally competes well with weeds. As for killing and keeping weeds out of your lawn, read on… Broad leaf weeds have broad generally flat leaves and can […read more ]


How To Water And Fertilise Warm Season Turf | Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Articles

How To Water And Fertilise Warm Season Turf. The following advice is so you can learn how to water and fertilise warm season turf types like Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia type lawns and won’t be suited to cool climate lawns such as Fescue, Rye Grass, and Blue Grass. In many parts of Australia it […read more ]

Turf In Playgrounds Is Allowed Again

Now you can use turf in play grounds and it meets Australian soft fall standards.

Ozbreed has developed a new product called Living Soft Fall. It is a special underlay for turf that always meets soft fall standards even if the turf dies, and it has been tested and passed with flying colours.  So now playgrounds can choose real grass again.

Living Softfall - Ozbreed

Until now turf has been difficult to use in playgrounds… why?

The reason is twofold:

• Turf does not survive the wear and compaction in playground settings.

• Turf and the soil below it do not meet the fall attenuation requirements of playground standards.
The Solution

A new product called Living Soft Fall™  will help solve the problem of growing turf in soft fall areas. It is a growing
medium that has been tested and certified to meet playground surfacing requirements and soft fall standards.
Turf grown in this media was tested and passed, both when the turf was alive and dead, even when heavily compacted with a compacting machine.

The testing has shown that the media itself cannot compact, and even if the turf dies it will still meet soft fall regulations. Living Soft FallT™ and turf can be used in combination with other playground surfaces. E.g. under the swings and in extreme high wear areas, rubber products can be used.

Why use turf in playgrounds:

· Looks more natural than other surfaces · Is enticing to children

· Can now be safe to fall onto

The turf types tested and compliant with this system:

SAPPHIRE® Buffalo Turf ‘B12’ PBR is ideal up to 50% shade for wear areas. It also does well in full sun.

KENDA® Kikuyu Turf ‘KIK203’ PBR is ok for up to 15% shade, but is by far the hardest wearing turf. It has vigorous rhizomes and runners, and will quickly recover from wear. It’s what is used for race courses, football fields etc…

Nara™ Native Turf Zoysia ‘MAC03’ PBR is a low maintenance tough wearing turf, ideal for areas that require less mowing. It works well in up to 30% shade with wear. …read more


Click  here to download the Living Softfall Brochure

Seeing Red – Hottest New Landscape Plants

New Nandinas and Little Ruby™ Alternanthera are the hottest new landscape plants. That’s because they have red foliage for most of the year.

Little Ruby™ Alternanthera

Little Ruby™ Alternanthera has become so popular because it is low growing, has stunning purple foliage, and copes better with cold than the common form.


Obsession™ Nandina

Obsession™ Nandina is red for 9 to 12 months of the year. Its new growth is red not green. In summer it is very red. Keeps a dense upright growth habit and does not spread with age. The cultivar name ‘SEIKA’ means ‘sacred fire’ in Japanese and was given this name because of the colour of the new growth.


Flirt™ Nandina

Flirt™ Nandina is a ground cover Nandina that is red in Spring Summer and Autumn, but not in winter, unless you live in a very cold place. It is very drought, humidity and cold tolerant, growing well all over Australia. Research has shown this variety is a safe choice around bushland as it will not spread from seed.


Blush™ Nandina

Blush™ Nandina is red in Autumn and Winter, with some red new growth in Summer. Perfect height of 60–70cm to use for fences, borders or hedging. In the winter months, Blush™ Nandina will turn red all over. Very drought, humidity and cold tolerant, growing well all over Australia. A safe choice around bushland, as it will not spread from seed.


Small Trees Please – Big Winds Damage Urban Areas

Every time big winds hit urban areas there is a lot of damage. I just typed in Fallen Tree into a news service, and it is amazing how many people are hurt and how much property is destroyed every week by trees around the world.

Although deaths from trees are rare in Australia, property damage is not. Large Eucalypts and other large trees can be problematic in urban areas. There is a trend to using smaller safer trees that have a better reputation. Trees like Luscious, Sublime, Sweeper, Red Head and Pinnacle are being used more and more.

How important is safety as a tree selection criteria? What are the other important criteria? Trees are an important part of urban life and have many benefits. Choosing the right tree will ensure the benefits without the problems.

Click on the photos below for more info on these trees.

Luscious Tristaniopsis laurina

Luscious® Tristaniopsis


SUBLIME™ Acmena is a mid-sized tree with refreshing lime new growth and dense foliage to the ground

Sublime™ Acmena


Sweeper Waterhousea

Sweeper® Waterhousea


Red Head Acmena smithii

Red Head™ Acmena


Pinnacle Syzigium

Pinnacle™ Syzigium