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Encore Azaleas are Heat tolerant, more drought and full sun tough

Encore Azaleas are heat tolerant, more drought and full sun tough

Heat and Drought Tolerant Azaleas

Encore Azaleas are the world’s best selling Azalea and it’s easy to see why with their rich colourful blooms in Spring, Summer and Autumn. But it’s not just because they have more flowers more often. Encore Azaleas are well known to be hardy, low maintenance and easier to look after.

Encore Azaleas have an established reputation in the plant industry like no other Azalea. Some, like Autumn Royalty™ and Autumn Twist™ are even lace bug resistant.

But what makes Encore Azaleas the most popular Azaleas in the world is the large array of colourful blooms. So many colours that flower more often. Why settle for an Azalea that flowers in just Spring? When you can have ones that flower in Spring, Autumn and often even in Summer.

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