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Buffalo – The most cost effective landscape

People often think of turf rolls or slabs as being the expensive option when it comes to ground coverings for their yards. In reality laying Buffalo turf could save you big dollars and the benefits associated with having turf in your yard are plentiful.

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Laying A New Lawn That Is Healthy Begins With The Soil | 3 basic Methods

Laying a new lawn that is healthy all starts with the soil and there are 3 basic methods you can use to prepare the soil. 

Laying A New Lawn

Choosing the correct method depends on budget and the condition of the soil to begin with. First you must kill any grass or weeds with Glyphosate. If you are lucky enough to have good soil then simply hire a sub contractor with a tractor rotary hoe or hire a small one from a rental company to loosen the soil bed to at least a hundred millimetres and a maximum of 200 millimetres.

Then rake out any dead foliage if necessary and level the ground. If the soil is a clay type or a sandy type or relatively poor in any other way then buy in some organic soil conditioner. Use at least 2 cubic metres per hundred square metres. Spread this over the soil. If it is a clay type use Gypsum as well. Use a rotary hoe to mix this well in to the ground and then rake the ground smooth.

Hiring a skid steer to do the work is another method. If you prefer you could get a contractor to do the prep work and make life easier for your self. Make sure the operator rips the existing soil well first, loosening the base. A hard compacted sub soil is the last thing your lawn needs. Then order 7 cubic metres of good organic soil blend per hundred square metres of ground. Make sure it has a decent amount of organics in it. Spread this with a skid steer making sure the finish is smooth. In some areas you may need to rake smooth with the back or front of the rake.

Turf is the best and safest way to install a lawn. Laying turf is really easy. Simply lay one roll around the outside and then fill in the area with turf all going one way. Patch up any gaps, roll the lawn if you can and water in well.

On hot days water the turf in sections as you lay it. Don’t fertilise until a month after the turf is laid. University research proves that the turf receives no benefit from fertiliser until a month after laying. Then use a good slow release type.

For the first 2 weeks the lawn can not dry out. On a hot day in summer that may mean watering 3 times per day or on a milder day once per day. After 2 weeks, watering can often be reduced to every second or 3rd day.

Click here and check out this video which shows you how to lay turf properly. Also on the next page you’ll find a link to a PDF that he talks about in the video called Creating a Healthy Lawn Starts with the soil.