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Landscape plants to die for

Landscape professionals need landscape plants that are longer lived and are strong growers so that they will perform well in landscapes. But what plants will also give the landscape that real ‘wow’ factor, with stunning coloured foliage and amazing flowers?

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Flat Mat™ Trachelospermum is a lower growing Japanese Star Jasmine

Flat Mat™ Trachelospermum is lower growing plant and forms a ground cover more quickly compared to the common form. It makes a flatter climber when supported on trellises and requires less pruning to form a flatter ground cover.

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Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a clean variegated Liriope with pink flowers

Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a very tough, very compact variegated Liriope. Its green and cream variegation gives an elegant contrast and it’s addition of vibrant pink flowers make it a beautiful garden plant for borders or mass planting as a ground cover.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope muscari 'VS0001' P

This very compact form has clean foliage and copes well with full sun heavy shade extreme cold and frost, drought, coastal conditions and humid conditions.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope only grows about 25cm high and 25 to 30cm wide and gives foliage interest all year round especially for shady spots where nothing seems to grow.

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SunGold™ Lomandra is a very drought and cold tolerant plant with golden variegated foliage

SunGold™ Lomandra is a very drought and cold tolerant plant with golden variegated foliage

Sungold™ Lomandra longifolia 'LMV100' PBR

SunGold™ Lomandra is one of those drought tolerant, no fuss, easy care reliable plants. The variegation on this Lomandra longifolia is subtle, yet its golden colour provides rich contrast for any garden.

This tough Lomandra works well in cold climates such as Canberra, but also in hot dry zones. It will even cope with the humidity of South East Queensland, provided the soil is not heavy and periodically wet. Ultimately it will get 600mm high, but can be pruned each few years to keep it lower if you want. So go for gold, go Sungold.

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