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Purple Fusion™ Scaevola is a landscape groundcover

Purple Fusion™ Scaevola is a native low growing ground cover that gets masses of beautiful purple flowers for almost 365 days a year.

Purple Fusion™ Scaevola humilis 'PFS100' PBR

Purple Fusion™ Scaevola’s humilis parentage makes it a much tougher and drought tolerant plant, nothing like the weaker aemula species. It’s flat growth habit means that it will need less pruning than other Scaevola species to look great. The delicate fan like flowers will give interest for almost the whole year unless you get a heavy frost.

Purple Fusion™ Scaevola works all around Australia and grows only 20cm high with a spread of up to 1.5 metres. For a drought tolerant, flowering plant in full sun to part shade Purple Fusion™ Scaevola is a great choice that will give you interest for most of the year.

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