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Turf varieties for Subtropical regions


Zoysia grasses are quickly gaining popularity in Queensland and subtropical regions.

Their drought and humidity tolerance makes them an excellent choice, but one of the things that makes Zoysia stand above the rest is that it is more resistant to pests and diseases and best of all it is lower maintenance in these climates, they are slower growing and therefore less mowing is required.

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Empire Zoysia Turf | Michael Hagan (Ass. Qld Coach Says) “It’s The best Turf for Queensland”

Empire Zoysia Turf | Michael Hagan (Ass. Qld Coach Says) “It’s The best Turf for Queensland”

EZ Turf QLD - Empire™ Zoysia japonica 'SS500' PBR

Us Queenslanders… we’re a little different. That’s why we need a grass that’s made for us. Empire™ Zoysia is best suited to tropical and sub-tropical climates. Sounds like Queensland to me. Empire™ Zoysia loves heat and humidity, does better than other lawns in the wet, but is proven by research to be far more drought tolerant than Buffalo turf. It does well in full sun to 40% shade, and handles wear far better than Buffalo turf.

You see unlike Buffalo grass, Empire™ Zoysia has underground runners, allowing it to reshoot if damaged, and helping it survive whatever Queensland throws at it. Drought, wet, heat, humidity, and cold. Yes, Empire™ Zoysia is even far more cold tolerant than Buffalo. Research shows Empire™ Zoysia needs 30% less mowing than Buffalo, and 50% less than Couch. It does great on the Queensland coast, and is far less susceptible to pests and diseases.

Research has shown Army worm would much rather eat Couch and Buffalo than a Zoysia. So let them eat your neighbor’s lawn. Empire™ Zoysia keeps weeds out well, but if they do get in, they can be sprayed out. If you get Paspalum or other grass weeds in Buffalo, then you must hand weed them. But just remember, if you have more than 40% shade Buffalo is a better alternative than Empire™ Zoysia.

One of the main reasons you would use Empire™ Zoysia is because it’s so beautiful. Just look at these lawns. There’re darker green, softer, and look better than any other lawn. Empire™ Zoysia will make your neighbours green with envy, just like our footballers do to New South Wales most years. Empire™ Zoysia is often used on roadsides in Queensland, but more and more professional Queensland Landscape Architects and designers are switching to Empire™ Zoysia for high class Queensland landscapes.

Queensland’s a tough place for a lawn, so take my word for it, Empire™ Zoysia’s the lawn you need. Empire™ Zoysia, it’s our home turf.

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