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Landscape plants to die for

Landscape professionals need landscape plants that are longer lived and are strong growers so that they will perform well in landscapes. But what plants will also give the landscape that real ‘wow’ factor, with stunning coloured foliage and amazing flowers?

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Sweet Mist® Phormium is an ultra compact contrasting plant

Sweet Mist® Phormium is an ultra compact contrasting plant 

Sweet Mist® Phormium tenax 'PH0S2' PBR

Sweet Mist® Phormium is a real sweetie, it’s the most compact purpurea foliage Phormium out there. It’s beautiful bronze foliage provides great stunning contrast to any garden.

Growing to an approx height of 35cm to 40cm tall makes it ideal as a garden border for mass planting or as a specimen plant.

Sweet Mist® Phormium grows well in full sun to shaded positions it tolerates heavy frost and moderately dry conditions and will need summer irrigations in most parts of Australia. Used in Sydney it is best in a free draining sheltered garden.

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