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The Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Grass Review Site | Best Buffalo Grass Types….Cutting through the Hype!

Many Soft Leaf Buffalo turf grasses can look very similar, but each name indicates a slight difference in the breeding and the features of the turf.

What it all boils down to is that Australian’s need to cut through the hype of catchphrases and publicity and select a Buffalo turf grass or even another grass type that will best suit their requirements.

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Important…Read this article before buying a new Buffalo Lawn

Thatch is one of the most important things to take into consideration when buying a Buffalo turf grass. The old-style Buffalo turf grass from the 1970’s would thatch badly, causing maintenance difficulties. Over the past decade people have been able to enjoy the benefits of three stand out low thatch Buffalo turf grasses. To find out more about these three turf grasses and the complications that thatch can cause Click Here

Sapphire® Buffalo Grass – Because people just want the best-looking lawn in the street

Sapphire® Buffalo Grass – Because people just want the best-looking lawn in the street

Buffalo Grass

Lying on this soft Sapphire® Buffalo grass and comparing to all the other buffalo types near by, you notice how different it is. My name is Todd Layt and I’m the breeder of this grass and the main reason I chose it was for it’s fine texture.

Choosing The Right Turf

This leaf (on your left) is typical of the other buffalo types and this leaf (on your right) is the finer Sapphire®  leaf.  Sapphire® is not only the most beautiful buffalo turf on the market – with it’s beautiful green fine soft texture – it is one of the toughest and most functional.

Sure, you’re probably thinking everyone says that about their grass but in this case it’s the Department of Primary Industry and Horticultural Australia research data that’ll do the talking.

Sapphire® Buffalo grass, in this comprehensive research, had the highest scores in shade tolerance data, higher than Sir Walter and better than all the other buffalo types sold in Australia. In fact it was the only popular variety to have acceptable quality at 50% shade and also had the highest score at 70% shade.

Now on that point, Sapphire® Buffalo grass will handle 50% shade with wear but if it’s 70% shade, low to moderate wear is recommended. Remember mow your Sapphire higher in shade.

Sapphire® does well in full sun and can tolerate significant wear. Sapphire® did very well in wear trials in this research. The data showed it had a similar winter colour to other types in many regions. It’s salt tolerance at saltwater pool levels was better than most and it grew less vertical than most of the others meaning a slight reduction in mowing.

Buffalo seed can cause some people allergies. The data from a trial at Richmond showed sapphire had 39% less seed than the average of the other popular buffalo types.

Scratchy leaf buffalo types like this old style scratchy buffalo can cause rashes. Sapphire has no barbs further down the side of it’s leaf so it’s very soft. Sapphire is the only Australian bred buffalo that has made it in the USA. In fact in 2007, data from a large US water authority showed that Sapphire had the best rating in summer. With Zero water for 30 days of all 7 buffalo types tested.

On a personal level I’ve noticed Sapphire has less thatch has excellent heat and humidity tolerance and new turf strikes quicker than other buffalo types but the real reason that Sapphire is so often chosen is because people just want the best looking lawn in the street.

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