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What Sydney United said about Kenda Kikuyu turf

 “Nice and thick and lush green, we will be ordering 700 sq metres more once the season is over”. 

They’re very happy with the Kenda Kikuyu turf and to say they will be ordering more in spring is great news, particularly when there were problems at first, getting enough water on the turf after transplanting. This just shows how tough Kenda Kikuyu really is.

Kenda Kikuyu turf

Kenda Kikuyu from the trials in to photo, has the best winter colour out of common Kikuyu and Village Green.

Kenda has similar upward growth to other types of Kikuyu but its horizontal growth is accelerated and its underground growth is much deeper which means the same amount of mowing, but a much greater wear tolerance. It also survives drought better because of the deep underground growth. It is ideal for areas that have extreme wear but want better winter colour than a Couch.

Other benefits are:

Less turf replacement for sporting ovals because of the larger rhyzomes and stolons as well as much more of them.

It has a quicker establishment period than common Kikuyu.

It is a sterile Kikuyu, a much safer choice for areas near bushland. We have never seen a seed form on Kenda after many years of testing.

People have commented that it resembles a well maintained Tall Fescue Lawn in appearance.

Like other Kikuyus it spreads fast so is not reccomended near garden beds with no hard edges.

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Pennstripe™ Pennisetum is a beautiful variegated native grass

Variegated plants are not everyones cup of tea but Pennstripe™ Pennisetum has subtle variegation for those who want something with interesting foliage that’s softer and not so bold.

Pennstripe™ Pennisetum alopecuroides 'PAV300' PBR

From a distance the compact Pennstripe™ Pennisetum provides great colour contrast. In early summer to Autumn the cream flower heads bring out the cream in it’s foliage.

Pennstripe™ Pennisetum is a non-evasive native grass that will attract birds and is well suited to roadsides, mass planting and low maintenance gardens because of it’s drought and frost tolerance.

Only growing 45cm by 45cm also makes it a great choice and even better, it suited to most soil types. Simply cut back once a year in late Winter or early Spring to get fresh new growth.

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