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COSMIC WHITE™ Raphiolepis is a shrub with clean foliage and Bigger white flowers

Cosmic White™ Raphiolepis is a shrub with clean foliage and Bigger white flowers

COSMIC WHITE™ Raphiolepis indica 'RAPH01' PBR

What a flower dispaly. Cosmic white just puts on such a beautiful flower show in Spring. But there’s so much more to this plant.  Raphiolepis are one of those wonder landscape plants. They live in the very cold, the very dry, and the very hot humid regions. They live in the shade, the sun, and tolerate poor soils. The only problem is they can self-seed in the warmer parts of Australia, and being an exotic species that can be troublesome.

Enter Cosmic White™, a form that infrequently produces viable seed and has self-cleaning flowers. This safer form means you can now use them again in your landscape guilt free. Cosmic white is mid-sized, very disease resistant, and best of all has larger white flowers. Look how much bigger Cosmic White’s flowers are compared to the common type.

Feel confident in using Cosmic white as a sure bet in your landscape, knowing it’ll work for you almost anywhere.

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