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Bold native flowers for your garden

Australian native plants generally require less water to maintain, are easier to grow and can tolerate the Australian climate better than other exotic plant varieties. But did you know that there is a wide variety of flowering Australian natives that can be added to your garden in place of exotics for that explosion of bold colour your looking for?

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Ruby Velvet™ Anigozanthos is a kangaroo paw with bold red flowers

Ruby Velvet™ Anigozanthos is a kangaroo paw with bold red flowers and is one of the most compact mid sized Kangaroo paws available.

It repeat flowers in Spring and Autumn, and is more black spot resistant than most Kangaroo paw types. Its vivid ruby coloured flowers are a real highlight in any garden.

RUBY VELVET™ Anigozanthos hybrid


Ruby Velvet™ Anigozanthos is a relatively frost hardy plant as far as Kangaroo paws go, and will survive in full sun, to light shade. They love free draining soils, but Ruby copes well in heavier soils.

After flowering, remove the old flowering stems and leaves to encourage new growth and flowers for the following season. In late winter pruneRuby Velvet™ Anigozanthos back close to the ground, and give it a good dose of Slow release fertiliser.

Ruby Velvet™ Anigozanthos red flowers will just add so much colour to any Landscape.

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