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Grey Box™ Westringia Crowned Plant of the Year 2015

Grey Box Westringia has been named Plant of the Year 2015 at the well-respected Nursery & Garden Industry Australia awards. It has been an outstanding seller for nurseries around Australia. With a super compact form, stunning foliage and remarkable versatility it makes a perfect addition in gardens and landscapes alike.

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Let Encore Azaleas be a feature in your garden

Encore Azaleas make a multi-season flowering landscape a reality. With a variety of beautiful vibrant colours and evergreen foliage, Encore Azaleas are the ideal choice for Australian gardens. But it’s not just their beauty or bloom time that sets them apart, they are more drought tolerant, heat & frost tolerant and there are even 2 varieties that are lace bug resistant. So why not add Encore Azaleas to your garden today.

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Wyeena™ Dianella is a variegated clean foliage Dianella

Wyeena™ Dianella is a variegated clean foliage Dianella 

Wyeena™ Dianella tasmanica 'TAS300' PBR

Wyeena™ Dianella is a hardy variegated form of the popular Dianella  tasmanica. It has striking colour contrast and clean growing foliage. This new Australian native is sure to be a hit in your garden. Wyeena™ Dianella is best suited to southern New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT and Tasmania.

It’s ideal for mass planting, for native gardens, accent gardens or as a foliage plant or a feature pot. Wyeena™ Dianella is the best variegated Dianella for tolerating frosts, cold or dry weather. Wyeena™ Dianella looks great under garden lighting and works in full sun to moderately heavy shade.

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Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a clean variegated Liriope with pink flowers

Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a very tough, very compact variegated Liriope. Its green and cream variegation gives an elegant contrast and it’s addition of vibrant pink flowers make it a beautiful garden plant for borders or mass planting as a ground cover.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope muscari 'VS0001' P

This very compact form has clean foliage and copes well with full sun heavy shade extreme cold and frost, drought, coastal conditions and humid conditions.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope only grows about 25cm high and 25 to 30cm wide and gives foliage interest all year round especially for shady spots where nothing seems to grow.

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