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Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a clean variegated Liriope with pink flowers

Pink Pearl™ Liriope is a very tough, very compact variegated Liriope. Its green and cream variegation gives an elegant contrast and it’s addition of vibrant pink flowers make it a beautiful garden plant for borders or mass planting as a ground cover.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope muscari 'VS0001' P

This very compact form has clean foliage and copes well with full sun heavy shade extreme cold and frost, drought, coastal conditions and humid conditions.

Pink Pearl™ Liriope only grows about 25cm high and 25 to 30cm wide and gives foliage interest all year round especially for shady spots where nothing seems to grow.

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Amethyst™ Liriope is a compact Liriope with deep purple flowers

Amethyst™ Liriope is a compact Liriope with deep purple flowers

Amethyst™ Liriope muscari 'LIRTP' PBR

Just after winter Amethyst™ Liriope has great green foliage but fast forward to summer and it has flowers that sit high above the foliage which is different than other Liriopes.

The beautiful long lasting deep purple flowers are a real hi-light. Amethyst™ Liriope also has an excellent foliage form producing semi compact dark green clumps.

There are other Liriope available that also have good deep purple flowers but their foliage is very flat compared to Amethyst™ Liriope and their flowers are shorter.

Amethyst™ Liriope is a nice clean plant that performs well all over Australia in full sun to heavy shade. It grows about 40cm wide and high and tolerates most soil types. In colder areas it’s worth cutting it back at the end of winter.

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