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Green John™ Callistemon is a dense shrub with green foliage

Green John™ Callistemon is a dense shrub with green foliage 

Green John™ Callistemon viminalis 'LJ23' PBR

Green John™ Callistemon is a very similar size to the popular Little John but with one big advantage It has much cleaner foliage and is far less likely to go woody like Little John does.

The vivid red flowers of Green John also contrast better with it’s crisp green foliage.

Green John™ gets beautiful light green new growth that later turns dark green. It can be pruned yearly and keep it at a height of as low as 50cm to keep it super tidy or it can be left to naturally grow to about 1m over many years.

So, for a far tidier John, switch from Little John to Green John™ Callistemon

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