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Cutting through the hype…We look at the best buffalo lawn types

Australian’s need to cut through the hype of grass company publicity and select the best grass type to suit their home lawn requirements; Buffalo or other. Here we have a more in depth look at 3 of Australia’s top selling Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn grass varieties.

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Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf | The Low Maintenance Lawn

from the Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf website

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf is well known to have the BEST winter colour of any Buffalo turf in Australia.

Check out how low maintenance this lawn in this video. Far less edging and mowing, yet such a wear tolerant drought tough lawn that stays greener than other Buffalo even in frost.

Palmetto has a truly deep emerald green colour in winter and summer, and does well in shade. It’s great for coastal or inland landscapes.

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Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | How Do I Water My Shaded Lawn?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | How Do I Water My Shaded Lawn?

A: Once turf is established, shaded areas continue to require less water than full sun areas. Again, a fungicide may be needed during hot rainy periods when the grass blades remain moist for prolonged periods to reduce grey leaf spot and brown patch.

For an established shaded lawn, a good rule of thumb for watering is to allow the grass to wilt slightly, apply up to, but no more than 2.5cm of water; only water again when there is more wilt. There are occasions when spot watering will be necessary.

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Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Where can I buy Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Where can I buy Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf?

A: We do not sell our turf varieties directly. Instead, our varieties are sold by licensed growers throughout Australia and overseas. Additionally, our varieties are available in many local retail outlets, nurseries, and garden centres in both turf and Viro-cell lawn. To find a list of licensed growers and suppliers in your area, please visit our where to buy page.

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Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Should I Seed Or Turf My Yard?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Should I seed Or Turf My Yard?

A: There is a common misconception that seeding is the best way to establish a lawn because it is much less expensive than turfing. In reality, turfing the area turns out to be less expensive over time once costs such as increased maintenance inputs and repair are accounted for. Add to that the instantaneous and finished look you achieve with turf and it’s clear to see that turfing the area is preferable in most instances. Here are other points to consider when deciding whether to seed or turf:

  • A professional turf lawn needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed, whereas a sprigged or seeded lawn requires years of nurturing to reach maturity. Turf is grown under expert supervision from either top quality seed blends or certified hybrid sprigs. After it has been installed, just water, mow and fertilize your turf lawn as needed and it will remain a healthy, green carpet of grass, requiring very little maintenance.
  • Turf can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible or too costly. Turf is often used to stop soil erosion and water pollution on slopes where rain would wash away both seed and soil.
  • Turf establishes itself quickly. In a couple of weeks, it is ready for full use. It creates the perfect surface for lawn games and family outdoor living. With todays various blends of hardy grasses, turf is chosen for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, as well as residential homes and business parks.

Turf has revolutionized the lawn business! Now you can install a turf lawn anytime during the year when the ground can be tilled. There is no need to wait for the “right” season to establish your lawn.

  • Turf is the only way to go from bare soil to lush, green lawn in just hours. Yet, it is relatively inexpensive to use. In the few hours it takes to install your turf lawn, your property value increases significantly and even more in aesthetic value.
  • With todays ecological concerns, many more people are considering turf for its environmental benefits. Turf cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun’s heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe. As it grows, turf silently contributes to a healthier environment.
  • Today we expect convenience, efficiency and quality in our products. Buildings are going up almost overnight and attractive landscaping is installed in hours. Why wait one or two years for a new lawn to struggle to maturity when you can have a beautiful turf lawn complimenting your buildings right now. That high quality turf lawn can be conveniently installed in hours, at a surprisingly low cost.

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Buffalo Turf Research

Buffalo Turf Research

The best winter colour for a low maintenance turf in the trial was Palmetto Buffalo Grass. It had a 25% better late winter colour than Sir Walter, and a 126% better winter colour than Shade Master Buffalo grass.

Based on sensible maintenance and analyzing the minimum mowing frequency, this investigation shows that Palmetto Buffalo Grass required 14.3% less mowing than Sir Walter. Shademaster required 7% less mowing than Sir Walter and Palmetto required 7.7% less mowing than Shademaster.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass had considerably less thatch than Sir Walter. Shademaster had by far the most thatch (sponginess) of all three Buffalo grasses in the trial. Sir Walter produced noticeably far more seed head than either the Palmetto Buffalo Grass or the Shademaster.

Click here to check out the Summary Notes from this research and also to download the full study of…

Mowing frequency evaluation and general observations of popular turf varieties. – First and Second Evaluation By, Ian Paananen, and Henry Locock, Nathan Dutschke.

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Projects | What Others Say About Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Projects | What Other People Say About Palmetto Buffalo Turf

“We used approximately 5000 square metres of Palmetto Buffalo Grass on two sites at Glenmore Park (a large prestigious sub-division) within the last 14 months. They have been used in passive recreational and display areas requiring a high finish.

We have found the performance of the Palmetto Buffalo Grass to be excellent, with thick coverage and rich green colour. It has displayed good vigor and recovery rates in high wear areas. The Palmetto continues to grow during winter, all be it at reduced growth rates, which helps to reduce visible wear areas.

We will continue to use Palmetto turf in the high finish areas at Glenmore Park and have no hesitation in recommending it for this use.”
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