Top 10 Greenroof Plants for Victoria

These plants were selected based on research from the University of Western Sydney and a USA Texas study. See for more information, including the full paper.

aussie rambler - Top 10 Greenroof Plants for Victoria

Shara Lomandra fluviatilis ‘ABU7’ PBR
Fine leaf, compact; part wet or dry

Mundi Westringia fruticosa ‘WES05’ PBR
Ground cover, small white flower

Yareena Myoporum parvifolium ‘PARV01’ PBR
Crisp, clean, longer lived Myoporum

Tanika® Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PBR
Improved, compact, fine leaf form

Double Gold Gazania hybrid ‘GT20’ PBR
Spreading ground cover; more flowers

Green John Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ PBR
Compact Callistemon with green foliage

Grey Box Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ PBR
Compact ball shaped plant; part wet or dry

Mingo Themeda australis ‘Mingo’ PBR
Blue prostrate form of Kangaroo Grass

Lucia Dianella caerulea ‘DC101’ PBR
Low growing, spreading Dianella

Aussie Rambler Carpobrotus glaucescens ‘CAR10’ PBR
Spreading ground cover; large flowers



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