Small Trees Please – Big Winds Damage Urban Areas

Every time big winds hit urban areas there is a lot of damage. I just typed in Fallen Tree into a news service, and it is amazing how many people are hurt and how much property is destroyed every week by trees around the world.

Although deaths from trees are rare in Australia, property damage is not. Large Eucalypts and other large trees can be problematic in urban areas. There is a trend to using smaller safer trees that have a better reputation. Trees like Luscious, Sublime, Sweeper, Red Head and Pinnacle are being used more and more.

How important is safety as a tree selection criteria? What are the other important criteria? Trees are an important part of urban life and have many benefits. Choosing the right tree will ensure the benefits without the problems.

Click on the photos below for more info on these trees.

Luscious Tristaniopsis laurina

Luscious® Tristaniopsis


SUBLIME™ Acmena is a mid-sized tree with refreshing lime new growth and dense foliage to the ground

Sublime™ Acmena


Sweeper Waterhousea

Sweeper® Waterhousea


Red Head Acmena smithii

Red Head™ Acmena


Pinnacle Syzigium

Pinnacle™ Syzigium






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