Ozbreed Are Now Listing Plants On Hortipedia

Ozbreed Are Now Listing  Plants On Hortipedia, so what is Hortipedia you might ask?

Hortipedia - FInd Plants Online

Hortipedia is a centralised online database of Australia’s garden products. Plant breeders and product manufacturers signup for a FREE account where they can easily upload the details of each of their products via a simple online form.

Each listing receives a unique QR code and mobile optimised web site presence. From here items can be easily searched by the public, trade and media, with each category receiving relevant data and features for each listing.
Also, as a nursery or grower, you can sign up for a business account and at the touch of ONE button have your details appear as a clickable icon on any listing on Hortipedia for any of the plants you sell.
So if someone is searching for a particular plant and land  on an Ozbreed plant listing in Hortipedia, on that page (if you have ‘Added’ that plant to your account) will appear a clickable icon that takes people to YOUR Hortipedia page where they can access your contact details to purchase from you.
It’s a very cool set up indeed…



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