Pruning Strappy Leaf Plants – Part 2

Pruning Strappy Leaf Plants – Part 2

Even with this selection of extremely low maintenance plants, it’s inevitable that some pruning will be needed. These tips give some often eye catching pruning techniques that will keep your landscape from looking hacked at.

Pruning Strappy Leaf Plants

BABY BLISS® Dianella revoluta ‘DTN03’ PBR

An excellent garden or mass planting choice for low blue foliage. Works well all over Australia, but avoid using in depressed areas that get extra wet. It does well in dry situations. Further south where humidity is lower, it can work in depressed spots as long as they are not permanently wet.

• Mass spring flowers

• Vivid blue foliage

• Tough little plant

• Very frost tolerant

• Non invasive


Prune back every 2 to 3 years. Cut back to half way on mass planting areas. For gardens older leaves can be removed if that is preferable. For a more vivid blue colour use 8 to 12 months slow release fertiliser.

FLAMIN’® Phormium tenax ‘PHOS3’ PBR

A vibrant and midsized Phormium.

• More vibrant colour than other single colour Phormiums

• Mid sized

• Tougher than other purperea types

• Grows as well as green Phormiums


In gardens remove older leaves if ever needed. On roadsides, prune after 4 to 5 years if it gets too high for line of sight reasons or if it needs rejuvenating. It works well with out fertiliser, but will look more vibrant if 8 to 12 month slow release fertiliser is used.

SWEET MIST® Phormium tenax ‘PHOS2’ PBR

The richest colour and most dense, compact Phormium in Australia.

• Small

• Rich colour

• Stronger grower than Elfin


For gardens, if Sweet Mist ever gets discoloured foliage simply pull out dry looking bits. For mass planting like roadsides, the new foliage will after a period grow over the older looking foliage, so pruning should only be needed after 5 to 7 years. For a richer colour fertilise with an 8 to 12 month slow release fertiliser.

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