Using Turf For Rainwater Gardens

Using Turf For Rainwater Gardens

An option that works well for filtering water and reducing runoff in rainwater gardens is turf, within and surrounding the garden. In a study from the University of Madison-Wisconsin in America, they show that turf produces less run off than plants.

EMPIRE™ Zoysia Turf

A great lawn variety to use for rain gardens is Empire™ Zoysia turf. Being very low maintenance and very drought tolerant it fits in well with the rest of the plants in this article selected for the rain garden.

Empire™ Turf has also been used at the Ozbreed trial gardens as a filter in our dry river bed and has thrived in the wet and dry conditions.

The fact that it needs very little fertiliser to look great will suit rain gardens too; any nutrients that are used will be absorbed by the leaf and root zones.

For more information on this study click here









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