Using Lomandra and Dianella plants in Rain Gardens

Using Lomandra and Dianella plants in Rain Gardens

Lomandra longifolia species will tolerate the dry periods well, it is the wet periods you have to worry about if you are in a high rainfall or humid area or if the plant is in a depressed area of the rain garden. 

Lomandra for Rain Gardens

It may get root rot or other fungal diseases, so unless you are sure, it is best to go for plants like Shara™ Lomandra a Lomandra fluviatilis or Katie Belles™ Lomandra hystrix as these varieties handle wet feet and humidity a lot better as well as dry conditions. 

Pennisetums such as Nafray, Purple Lea and the new Pennstripe are also suitable for rain gardens and they add a great native look and feel.

Dianellas are not generally the best for rain gardens as they aren’t very tolerant of wet feet, when using them you have to be careful with which species you use. One species that tolerates wet feet is Dianella caerulea. 

Some of the best of this species are King Alfred® Dianella, Little Jess™ Dianella and Breeze ® Dianella. If you want the finer leaf of a Dianella revoluta, which usually does not handle wet feet, use Revelation® Dianella as it handles wet feet much better than common revoluta.

For the detailed article on Rain Gardens this excerpt was taken from Click here









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