A Green Waterfall with Free Fall™ Casuarina

A Green Waterfall with Free Fall™ Casuarina

By Katrina Layt

As the title suggests, when looking at this plant it looks like a green waterfall cascading over rocks. Free Fall™ Casuarina is a groundcover form of Casuarina glauca that’s great for erosion control on slopes and as it grows down the slope (which it will always do) it looks really beautiful.

Free Fall™ Casuarina glauca prostrate ‘CAS01’ PBR Intended

Free Fall™ Casuarina is suited to roadside embankments, acreage or for stabilising any slope. To make sure you have good erosion control in place, you’d only need to have one plant for every 4-5m2.

One way you could stabilise the soil in between the plants is with erosion control grasses and strappy leaf plants until Free Fall™ Casuarina grows to its full size.

Imagine a roadside embankment with this mass of green running down the slope, it would be a beautiful feature to soften any roadside.

This prostrate Casuarina has the true toughness of C. glauca. Free Fall™ Casuarina is completely different to Casuarina glauca ‘Cousin It’. Free Fall™ Casuarina is a lot hardier in hot and humid climates and can handle tougher conditions.

It handles frosts and drought and will spread much wider than Cousin It does. It’s a different look plant for landscapes, rather than just gardens.

Free Fall grows from 30-60 cm high x 3-6 metres wide. You can be pruned if if you like, but generally it doesn’t need it. Occasionally the odd limb will get higher than 60cm, which you can then just prune.

For more info or to find Free Fall™ Casuarina growers near you…click here or call us on 02 4577 2977.







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