What The Landscape Professional Needs To Know When Specifying Ozbreed Plants

To make sure your plants aren’t substituted and you’re getting the right Ozbreed plant, use this list of Ozbreed’s Authorised Suppliers.

Warning! Plant types are continuously being substituted

Mundi™ Westringia

Substitution of plants can ruin your design. Plants that are of a totally different size, shape or texture are often substituted. Worse still, they are sometimes substituted with plants that will not perform in that situation, or even with a completely different species.

With grasses and strappy leaf plants there may not be a very noticeable appearance difference, but there definitely is a performance difference. When Lomandra longifolia’s such as Tanika® Lomandra are substituted with Lomandra confertifolia’s there is a major performance difference as the confertifolia’s can’t handle tough roadside conditions.

With some of our new Westringias it’s a bit of both. We have had comments on projects where Mundi™ Westringia has been specified and the plants had grown way above knee height. The problem was that Mundi™ Westringia had been substituted with common Westringia and the appearance is noticeably different.

Why do they substitute?

Usually contractors substitute to save a few percent on price, which helps their profit, or allows them to win the bid. Sometimes it is the supplier selling the wrong plant.

How can you protect your design from this?

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