Top 13 Mass Planting Plants From Ozbreed

Top 13 Mass Planting Plants From Ozbreed

We recommend the following as top performing plants for mass planting situations. They are in no particular order and each are good for different situations.

Top 13 Mass Planting Plants From Ozbreed

Little Jess™ Dianella one of the most popular Dianella‘s for mass planting. Compact and tough with minimal care.

Grey Box™ Westringia very compact native Westringia for a variety of uses. It’s unrpuned size is approx. 45x45cm.

Katrinus Deluxe Lomandra is a great plant for erosion control.

Lucia™ Dianella is the  best spreading Dianella for roadsides/median strips—very good recovery.

Mundi™ Westringia is a tough, versatile and low growing ground cover plant with less pruning required.

Cassa Blue® Dianella is a compact, clumping Dianella with rich blue foliage. Not recommended for mass planting north of Syd and QLD.

Green John™ Callistemon is a denser, faster establishing Callistemon than Little John.

Just Right® Liriope is the best landscape Liriope. Evergreen with a uniform height.

Better John™ Callistemon  similar to Green John™ Callistemon, but with a blue-green colour.

Katie Belles™ Lomandra has masses of perfumed flowers; great for rain gardens.

Shara™ Lomandra is an alternative to Tanika® Lomandra for humid landscapes and an Evergreen alternative to Poa.

Tanika® Lomandra is one of the toughest, most reliable landscape plants. Drought tough with soft, evergreen foliage.

Yareena™ Myoporum a longer lived Myoporum with crisp, clean foliage and white flowers.

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