Erosion Control Methods – Turf is Tops

Erosion Control Methods – Turf is Tops 

Turf For Erosion Control


Research in Queensland is demonstrating how turf grass is an effective means of controlling and minimizing erosion. Turf grass is capable of reducing erosion by protecting the ground from the impact of rainfall. It also reduces the speed of runoff water, holds soil and sediment particles in place and enhances the ground’s ability to absorb water.

Turf is proving an effective means of erosion control on batters of a gradient less that 33.3 percent and stabilizing areas of concentrated flows such as channels and drains, provided the flow velocities do not exceed 1.5 m/s. If flows are higher, combining turf with geotextiles seems to be a well proven concept.

There have been studies showing turf and geotextile combinations once established can withstand up to 5.5 m/s depending on the geotextile.  With the invention of fast stapling devices it is now easy to secure turf in place. These devices are readily available in the USA, and are now becoming available in Australia.  Current research is investigating various methods of using these staples to secure turf both in small and big rolls.

Turf employed skillfully and/or in combination with other mitigation technologies can…read more


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