Benches and Hedges – Flexible Modern Formal Gardens

Benches and Hedges – Modern Formal Gardens

Formal landscapes have never really gone out of fashion, but current interpretations allow for far more flexibility. Formal gardens can be minimalist, or more traditional in design. Modern formal gardens are selective and often use components borrowed from ancient Rome or Greece, or the more ornate renaissance period of Europe.

Formal landscape Benches

Modern Australian formal gardens reflect our culture, and our punishing environment, whereby plants that can tolerate dry or 46 degree days are essential. Our local resources such as stone or wood, and innovative local design also play an important part. Although Benches and Hedges play an important part in the modern Australian formal garden, there are so many more elements to consider. 

Much depends on the type and size of the landscape. The small spaces of modern housing backyards and the way they are often designed and used reflects the Australian desire to entertain and relax. They include lots of hard spaces with clean lines and geometric shapes that are formally set out, occasionally with the mirrored symmetry of older style formal landscapes, but more often now they are designed with a non-mirrored outline and a good degree of balance.

Sometimes it is the furniture, outdoor art, a gazebo, a water feature, or a green wall that stands out as the focal piece, however more often than not, the focal point of the formal Aussie backyard is the outdoor entertainment area. This area has evolved as an extension of the indoors taken outside, and is often referred to as an “Outdoor Room”. Lots of large format pavers, and more and more large outdoor tiles and clean plant covered walls dominate, with strategically placed architectural patio pots and plants used as accents.

If modern formal small landscapes are desired, it is very important to use…read more


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