Mundi™ Westringia is a tough and beautiful ground cover shrub with masses of flowers

Mundi™ Westringia is a tough and beautiful ground cover shrub with masses of flowers

Mundi™ Westringia has to be one of the toughest, low maintenance ground cover plants for hot climates. After 4 years unpruned it has only reached this high, and look how far this one plant has spread. Left unpruned cascading down rocks it looks superb, or it can be simply used a natural looking mass planted ground cover.

Mundi™ Westringia fruticosa 'WES05' PBR

If formal is more your style, Mundi™ Westringia makes a beautiful tightly clipped ground cover. Pruning twice per year will keep it like the photo above where only 3 plants grew into this formal looking ground cover.

Mundi™ Westringia works well in hot humid climates, coastal gardens, and inland hot dry conditions. It can cope with Moderate frosts. For more detailed climate information see the web site for your region. Mundi™ Westringia seems adaptable to most soil types, but like all plants the better the soil the better it looks.

Mundi™ Westringia has a nice dense habit, which makes it great at outcompeting weeds. It produces and abundance of vivid white flowers in Spring, and looks particularly stunning under garden lighting. It’s drought tolerance makes it ideal for tough roadside landscapes, or for any landscaped garden that wants a beautiful plant that needs very little water.

Click here for more info on Mundi™ Westringia


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