Empire Zoysia Turf Zoysia japonica 'SS500' PBR

The common preconception is that Buffalo turf is the best turf on the market today but recent research and findings on Zoysia grasses have discovered that this is not really the case, and that Zoysia can actually out-perform Buffalo in many aspects.

The most popular Zoysias on the market today are Empire turf and Nara Native turf. Empire turf was released in Australia by Ozbreed, and prior to its release rigorous testing was carried out by Ozbreed to ensure that Empire turf would be suitable for Australian climates, and Nara Native turf is bred, trialed and delivered by Ozbreed. Recent research on these varieties and on common buffalo varieties has shown outstanding results for Zoysia grasses. The most interesting result being that Zoysias can tolerate chemical control.

e.g. Lets say that the highly invasive Kikuyu grass gets into your Buffalo lawn, unfortunately there aren’t any sprays available that will not kill off your Buffalo turf. On the other hand Zoysias can readily be sprayed with chemicals that are available on the market, and will survive this treatment. This means you can protect your Zoysia grass from a common Kikuyu invasion. Research has shown that Zoysia’s are also resistant to Army Worm and Web Worm and significantly less damaged by Black Beetle.

Empire™ (Zoysia japonica ‘SS500 PBR’) is a lovely soft fine textured lawn with deep green colour that looks stunning. Empire is a very low maintenance turf, requiring 2 to 3 times less mowing and less edging than most Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu varieties. This fact alone can dramatically reduce maintenance costs, specifically if you are hiring a contractor or paying staff to maintain your lawn. It will thrive in any tough climatic condition including drought, humidity and even extreme wet conditions. Empire is also very hard wearing and waterwise, making it an excellent choice for home gardeners and landscapers Australia wide.

Nara Native Turf™ (Zoysia macrantha ‘MAC03’ PBR) is a beautiful fine textured lawn that survives on much less water than other varieties. The Department of Primary Industries stated that …read more


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