Ozbreed Launches New Website

Ozbreed Launches New Website

We’ve recently launched  our new user-friendly website with a whole stack of new features that make so easy to find the plants and turf  your looking for and the grower that’s closest to you.

When we created the new Ozbreed website our focus was on the user’s experience. Simplicity, usability and getting the information you need on your screen as effortlessly as possible is our number 1 goal.

If there is something particular you are after, simply use the new search function to access all of its multimedia resources including research, articles, videos, photos and more.

Every Ozbreed plant range and turf variety is now hosted on the one Ozbreed website. If you want to see all the plants we offer, see the Browse by Name page for a list of plants sorted either by trade name, botanical name or native plants only. If you are ever unsure of what turf is best for the job, look at the easy guide on Choosing the Right Turf on the Compare All Varieties page.

Each plant on the website has high resolution images available to download, free to use in design documents. For those wanting to find large numbers of plants, the top wholesale growers for each plant are listed down the bottom of the page. Also all licensed Ozbreed turf suppliers are listed on the Where to Buy page, which now includes a link to Evergreen Connect (a plant sourcing website to save you time). Many of the plants are available online, so if your clients want to purchase the plants themselves, direct them to the Ozbreed website to have the plants delivered to their door.

Specialised information for the Landscape Professional is a must visit page. It is tailored to give you the most relevant information (including plant sizes available). Ozbreed 3D graphics for plants are available to download for free and are formatted for popular design programs. Also Tour Brochures for each state are available to see how Ozbreed plants have performed in landscapes around Australia.

For a resource that is now easy to use and loaded with all your landscaping needs, visit the new website and see for yourself.


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