Killing Weeds In Your Couch or Zoysia Grass

Killing Weeds In Your Couch or Zoysia Grass

If you find grass weeds in your Couch or Zoysia you can use a specialist to get many of them out of your lawn with commercial chemicals.

You can also spot grass weeds out by yourself using Round Up or other mechanical methods. The great thing is that this’ll work for all lawn types, including Buffalo, and Kikuyu, in addition to your Couch and Zoysia.

The easiest way to remove them is to chip them before they seed. Use a knife, a pick, or a specialised weeding fork, which definitely works the best but if you must, another method is to use a wick wiper filled with round up. All you do is wipe the herbicide on to the weed itself, and it’ll die. You might find that you’ll need to do this again in a few weeks or so. Just make sure you don’t get any on your lawn.

On occasion you can get Kikuyu in your Buffalo lawn which you definitely don’t want. To kill it, you get comfy, and paint the round up on, making sure you’re wearing a rubber glove.

Another way is, you can set up a bit of Cardboard underneath the Kikuyu and above the lawn, and paint the round up on your Kikuyu.

Kikuyu can be taken out using commercial chemicals (by a specialist) which are not generally available for home sale, however DSMA or MCPA at this moment are available in some home formulations such as Paspalum killer, and may be used to take out stubborn grass weeds such as Kikuyu and Paspalum in Zoysia and Couch.

Make sure you read the label carefully if you decide to have a go yourself, as labels may vary from product to product. Some claim these chemicals will take out nut grass as well, but generally Sempra would be a better option.

Having Nut grass, there are specialist nut grass killers, but they’re usually so expensive for a small quantity that its better value to hire a specialist commercial weed killing service, although recently …read more


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