Garden Reviews Plant Profile – PINNACLE Australian Native Narrow Screen Tree

Garden Reviews Plant Profile | PINNACLE Syzigium australe ‘AATS’ PBR


If you’re after a narrow, tall and dense Australian native tree that requires very little pruning and fits into tight, compact planting zones here is your answer.

This Australian Native Lilly Pilly bred by John Crump at Advanced Australian Trees at Newrybar NSW is quite unique. Each pair of its branches emerge from the main stem at the same location but on opposing sides of the main stem. Pinnacle is similar in shape to a Pencil Pine but it has bright glossy green foliage with contrasting reddish brown new growth. Pinnacle will flower with white duster flowers, followed by large, fleshy, red pink fruits in profusion. Pinnacle suits most soil conditions but will prefer assured moisture to perform at its best.

The beauty of Pinnacle is that it gives Landscape Architects, Designers and Landscapers a native plant with the ability to be planted in narrow areas as a tall screen or as a narrow hedging plant. Pinnacle is ideally suited for planting along a fence line with a narrow planting bed, either side of a driveway, against a feature wall, or as a barrier itself. Pinnacle is also great for use in town house plantings or even grown in a feature pot for courtyards. Pinnacle can obtain a formal look to your garden or landscape with minimal pruning required.

All round Pinnacle can give new solutions to difficult planting areas where a thin narrow, tree or hedge is required. Pinnacle will be available in sizes from 200mm containers and larger.

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