Garden Reviews Plant Profile – TROPICBELLE a slightly more compact Lomandra

Garden Reviews Plant Profile TROPICBELLE Lomndra hystrix ‘LHCOM’ PBR

Tropic Belle Strappy Leaf Plant

‘The best Lomandra species for wet feet areas’

Tropicbelle is the new improved slightly more compact form of the common Lomandra hystrix.

In the past a lot of people have been reluctant to use Lomandra hystrix because of it’s tall and un-unifomed height. Generally they’ve preferred to use Lomandra longifolia varieties. The only problem with using Lomandra longifolia varieties is that they don’t cope very well in excessively irrigated and depressed areas where they can get wet feet for prolonged periods of time. This is where Tropicbelle really excels, coping with poor drainage and even occasional flooding. Tropicbelle also maintains a uniform growing height, which most people want, especially in mass plantings.

After extensive breeding it was found that Tropicbelle grows 15 to 25% more compact compared to the taller common Lomandra hystrix. Tropicbelle will grow to approximately 700mm to 1.1m in height in drier climates as opposed to the common form’s height of up to 1.3m in height. In maintained, fertilised and irrigated areas Tropicbelle may grow from 900mm to 1.4m in height. This is significantly shorter than the common form, which often grows to 1.8m high in the same conditions.

Tropicbelle produces yellow flower spikes in spring and has arching strap like leaves, which are useful for concealing areas in the garden, or softening the edges of concrete. Tropicbelle is very phytophora resistant and is well known to tolerate the humidity and wet summers of Queensland and Darwin, without the problems of root rot. It is the best Lomandra species for …read more

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