Garden Reviews Plant profile – GOLD VELVET a mid sized hybrid Kangaroo Paw

Garden Reviews Plant profile | GOLD VELVET PBR Anigosanthos flavidus hybrid


Bred for performance and disease resistance

Gold Velvet is a new mid sized hybrid Kangaroo Paw which will bring back your confidence in using Kangaroo Paws in the landscape. Gold Velvet has been bred by Keith Oliver and developed by Lullfitz Nursery Western Australia a nursery specializing in the propagation, growing and promotion of West Australian Native Plants founded by George Lullfitz in 1975.

Gold Velvet has been specifically bred with landscapers, landscape architects and designers in mind. With its desirable mid sized height and vibrant flowers Gold Velvet is extremely tough and will handle general landscape conditions and is great for low maintenance gardens. It is very drought tolerant and has better frost tolerance than other Kangaroo Paws. Gold Velvet is characterized by its outstanding clean and dense foliage, with magnificent bright yellow flowers which will reach a height of 1 metre, whilst its foliage gets 50 to 70 cm tall.

Gold Velvet is an Anigosanthos flavidus hybrid, the flavidus species is widely known for its longevity in cultivation and it is not short lived like other species of Kangaroo Paw. Gold Velvet is an exceptionally vigorous, hardy and disease free species, being highly resistant to the dreaded Ink spot disease which affects many other varieties of Kangaroo Paw making them very short lived in the garden or landscape. Gold Velvet gives you a wonderful long lived, very hardy and showy Kangaroo Paw which can be mass planted, used in planter boxes, feature pots and as a flowering garden specimen.

For best results Gold Velvet prefers an open sunny position in a well draining soil. Irrigate regularly to establish the root system once planted and fertilise with a native fertilizer which is low in phosphorous in spring. Older flowers can be removed at the end of the flowering period being cut as close as possible to the base of the plant.

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