Garden Reviews Plant Profile – FLAMIN is a semi compact, mid sized Phormium

Garden Reviews Plant Profile | Flamin Phormium tenax ‘PHOS3’ PBR


This Phormium tenax named Flamin is semi compact with red, orange and bronze tones. Although it’s a single colour Phormium, it has this unique tri tone appearance, particularly as it ages and when seen in the sunlight. It will grow to a height and spread of approximately 65cm. It creates excellent foliage colour and contrast to any garden or landscape design.

Flamin grows well in full sun to part shaded positions. Flamin will tolerate heavy frosts and moderately dry conditions. It is suitable for a wide selection of soil types and can tolerate periods of wet conditions in moderate to cooler climates. In more humid areas of New South Wales and South East Queensland care should be taken to plant in well drained soils to avoid root rot.

Flamin is ideal for specimen planting or mass planting in ornamental gardens, rockeries, offices and most types of residential and commercial planting. It is ideal for patio pot plants and planter boxes. Flamin can create a special effect in the garden and can act as a focal point and be quite eye catching.

Flamin is low maintenance once established. When planting Flamin ensure the crown or base of the plant is not planted below the soil level. Apply a coarse grade mulch to reduce weed growth and keep the root zone cold and moist. It is recommended to avoid excessive irrigation, making the soil wet for prolonged periods of time. Water as required to keep the plant healthy for the first 8-13 weeks. After the establishment period occasional watering will be required through drought conditions. Flamin is part of the Foliage First Range of plants, this range has generally low to no irrigation requirements in most populated areas of Australia.

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