Plant Profile – TANIKA is a drought tolerant Lomandra | Garden Reviews

Plant Profile – TANIKA Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’PBR | Garden Reviews

Tanika Strappy Leaf Plant
‘Worldwide Landscape Plant’

Lomandra Tanika is one of those stand out landscape plants which come along once in a while and change the way we look at strappy leaf plants. Tanika would have to be one of the most widely used landscape plants here in Australia with its improved fine leaf compact foliage and superior drought tolerance. It is tough and beautiful.

Tanika has proven to be one of the most resilient and reliable landscape plants over the last few years. Its drought tolerance can not be understated; it can survive through drought conditions with only slight to moderate browning on the ends of the leaves but when the rain returns it has the ability to green up and look fresh again very quickly. The fine foliage tends to roll or curve during extended dry periods reducing the leaf surface area and the amount of water loss from the plant. Due to the finer leaf on Tanika this effect is hardly noticeable unlike some common forms of Lomandra which can be far more noticeable due to their wider leaf.

You could say Tanika has been the answer many Landscape architects and contractors have been looking for in a plant, providing them with a plant that is drought tolerant and evergreen in almost any situation including drought and frost. Tanika is great at …read more

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