Plant Profile – Sublime is a compact Advanced Screening Tree | Garden Reviews

Plant Profile – Sublime Acmena smithii ‘DOW30’ PBR | Garden Reviews

Sublime is a new release mid sized form of Acmena smithii that unquestionably stands out from the rest. Sublime has a distinct feature compared to many other Acmena smithii varieties which produce shades of red to bronze new growth. Sublime produces lime green new growth, which is very eye catching and contrasting. Many people have commented on Sublimes vibrant colour saying that it looks similar in appearance to Ficus hilli, without the difficulties of Ficus, which can grow so large with a heavy invasive root system. This is not suitable for many home gardens and landscape type areas, whereas Sublime is perfect for these applications.

Sublime will reach approximately 5m tall by 2-3m wide and has a thick and compact habit. These characteristics make it ideal for screening, hedges, topiary or garden features and the dense foliage extends all the way down to the ground. White to cream fluffy flowers appear in summer followed by deep mauve berries creating a nice contrast against the foliage. These berries are also edible and they will attract birds into your garden.

Sublime will tolerate a wide range of conditions from, seaside gardens, hot, dry and humid areas and colder climates with light frosts.

Sublime is being marketed as an advanced tree for instant effect for landscape projects and the home garden. |Sublime will be available in sizes ranging from 200mm – 500mm containers, 25ltr – 75ltr and in the future 200ltr bags. Stock is limited at this stage so it is recommended to place forward orders.

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