Plant Profile – MUNDI is a tough Ground Cover Westringia | Garden Reviews

MUNDI Westringia fruticosa ‘WES05’ PBR | Garden Reviews

In a previous plant profile I wrote about the old favourite landscape plant Westringia. In the article I talked about 2 new release Westringia’s hitting the market and I’d like to feature this new cultivar called Mundi.

Mundi is a tough evergreen ground cover form of Westringia fruticosa. Westringia are one of the most popular shrubs, because of their toughness, their ability to grow in most parts of Australia and their all year round clean foliage. Now, Mundi will give you the same benefits but in a ground cover form.

When Mundi is mature, it grows to about 400mm high (knee high) with a spread of up to 1.5m. Mundi’s growth is very dense, with foliage that’ll layer itself, readily increasing its cover over time. Mundi is the perfect low growing landscape plant which requires minimal care and is very drought and frost tolerant. Mundi is tough enough to live on natural rainfall in most areas of the east coast of Australia. For Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth additional top up watering will be required in summer to keep the plants looking their best.

Mundi is the perfect plant for mass plantings as a ground cover in gardens, rockeries and large amenity areas. It’s a great plant for tough roadside plantings, coastal positions and for stabilization of slopes and embankments. Mundi can handle heavy pruning if required and prefers full sun to part shade. It produces white flowers throughout spring and summer.

Landscapers and specifiers are always looking ing for versatile low growing ground covers, they are a vital part of any landscape design. Mundi is certainly thought of as versatile whether it is used as a backdrop to trees and shrubs or as a specimen planting on its own. Use Mundi in areas where you need good weed control or areas where you need to eliminate the need for mowing, especially hard to mow slopes.

I have no doubt that this plant will be a favourite choice for landscapers and specifiers in the very near future.

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