Plant Profile – LUCIA is a low growing form of Dianella | Garden Reviews

LUCIA Dianella caerulea ‘DC101’ PBR | Garden Reviews

Lucia Strappy Leaf Plant

Lucia is a low growing form of Dianella caerulea with an amazing ability to spread. It would have to be the fastest and the best spreading Dianella out there. Lucia is ideal for planting in median strips, roadsides, large mass planted areas, along a fence or as a ground cover it excels. Lucia has multiple rhizome shoots to develop a mat of foliage, this attribute allows it to carpet the ground and recover quickly from any damage.

Lucia has unusual deep mulberry colour flowers which are bold and prolific throughout spring. Planted at 4 plants per square metre, it is a low cost, drought tolerant, ground cover option for mass planting. If you are planning to use Lucia remember the old saying right plant for the right place, you are not going to use Lucia as a garden border amongst other plants, as it will spread into them and eventually out compete them. If you want to use it in a garden design it can be used successfully given enough room to spread without affecting other plants.

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