Plant Profile – LITTLE REV a Compact Blue Foliage Dianella | Garden Reviews

LITTLE REV Dianella revoluta ‘DR5000’ PBR | Garden Reviews

Little Rev Strappy Leaf Plant

After visiting many sites around Australia I have found this Dianella revoluta Little Rev has performed brilliantly over many low care environments and is very popular for many landscape applications. Little Rev will provide Landscape Architects, Designers, Councils and Landscapers a plant that is stunning in appearance, has great architectural upright foliage with excellent colour contrast.

It is an improved compact, blue clump forming plant which will grow 30-40cm tall by 30-40cm wide. This height makes it ideal for roadsides, median strips, roundabouts, car parks, golf courses and ornamental garden plantings. This is a very hardy plant that will require little maintenance and water requirements once established. It can also be used for patio pot plants, planter boxes and it is a good understory plant.

Little Rev has changed the way we think of Dianella revoulta forever. Dianella revoluta has always been a highly sought after plant for many years, but there has always been a problem with shortage of supply. Now there will be a Dianella revoluta which is available in large quantities, which also has the added benefits of aesthetically looking better, being more uniform in size, having a nice blue colour and one which is extremely tough.

Little Rev will grow well in …read more

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