Plant Profile – KATRINUS DELUXE Compact Road Side Lomandra | Garden Reviews

Lomandra longifolia KATRINUS DELUXE PBR | Garden Reviews

Katrinus Deluxe Strappy Leaf Plant

Imagine a Lomandra longifolia with masses of bold yellow flowers, with an incredible fragrance. Then envisage Katrinus Deluxe, a new and improved, better flowering form of Lomandra longifolia Katrinus. Katrinus has been used for many years and it has really developed a reputation as being a plant that does well in really tough planting situations, with outstanding performance. Now Katrinus Deluxe has the same performance, however it has bigger and bolder flowers, a finer leaf and a more dense and compact form.

Katrinus Deluxe grows to 800mm high with a spread of 800mm. In dry climates, it grows slightly smaller, to about 600mm high. Katrinus Deluxe flowers in Spring, with an abundance of large non spiky yellow flowers. Visiting gardens when this plant is in flower will be a real pleasure, as its flowers produce a magnificent perfumed scent.

Katrinus Deluxe is ideal for mass planting in garden beds and borders, ideal for roadsides because it will tolerate windy, exposed positions. It grows well in full sun and shaded positions and performs well in heavy clay and free draining soils. It is extremely drought tolerant, has excellent frost tolerance and has the ability to cope with …read more

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