Plant Profile – CASSA BLUE is a more compact Dianella | Garden Reviews

CASSA BLUE is a more compact Dianella | Garden Reviews

Cassa Blue Strappy Leaf Plant

Cassa Blue is an improved cultivar of the common Dianella caerulea. Cassa Blue is more compact and as the name suggests, has stunning blue foliage with excellent contrast all year. Cassa Blue is tough, drought and frost tolerant and the foliage grows to approximately 40cm tall with a spread of 40 cm. It’s more of a clumping Dianella caerulea rather than spreading. It’s stunning blue foliage, and highly desirable size and shape, make it the ideal plant for commercial landscapes, and home garden designs.

Cassa Blue has an abundance of baby blue flowers, which last for about 2 months in Spring and when planted on mass creates a spectacular display. The flowers can grow to about 55cm in height and are followed by attractive purple berries which last for a further month into Summer.

Cassa Blue’s highly desirable height and shape make it …read more

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