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Killing And Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Lawn

The best 2 ways to prevent weeds is by mowing regularly, and choose a lawn like Buffalo or Zoysia that naturally competes well with weeds. As for killing and keeping weeds out of your lawn, read on…

Broard leaf weeds have broad generally flat leaves and can be sprayed out of your lawn with chemicals like Bromoximal MCPA, often sold under the brand Bindii Killer. If you’ve got Buffalo grass, be certain you use one compatible with Buffalo.

Broad leaf weeds include clover, Bindii, thistle, Capeweed, Creeping Oxalis, Cat’s Ear and more. You can utilize either the chemicals diluted into your spray pack or unit, which is generally the best way. Spray the lawn and naturally the weeds will die, and the lawn will be unharmed.

Other options include utilizing a clip on hose herbicide such as Yates, which you’ll find are very simple to use, but on some harder to kill weeds like Clover are not as effective as the mixture you would make up in a spray unit, but particularly for other weeds they work nicely.

Weed and feed products ‘seem’ good, but horticulturist tend not to recommend spraying a weed chemical and fertilising at the same time. It is advisable to keep these processes separate. Some clover weeds tend to be particularly stubborn, and you may need to use a stronger chemical, but unfortunately these aren’t available to the general public, so you may need to hire a specialist, or just simply kill the areas dead with round up, and then replant, or try stronger frequent applications of the broad leaf chemical available to you.

Keep an eye out over winter for …read more

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