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How To Water And Fertilise Warm Season Turf

The following advice is so you can learn how to water and fertilise warm season turf types like Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo, and Zoysia type lawns and won’t be suited to cool climate lawns such as Fescue, Rye Grass, and Blue Grass.

In many parts of Australia it is critical to water really deeply and not frequently. It’s just in places like Perth (because of its extremely sandy soil) that this is a bit more difficult.

For Most of Australia.

Watering on the weekly basis in summer is normally enough, provided the water is a deep one. It’s safer to saturate the lawn utilizing a sprinkler for roughly an hour or more. This will guarantee the water gets in deep, and it will encourage the roots to follow the water down and grow deeper, making your lawn more drought tolerant.

After a lawn has been in a few years, and it becomes very drought tolerant, you’ll be able to water heavily every 2 weeks in summer in some parts of Australia. When it rains, take that into consideration, and water less. If rain occurs occasionally during the cooler months lawns rarely need watering.

A lawn will actually inform you when it needs watering. The leaves will start to wilt slightly. In the event this happens it’s time to water. Water restrictions make deep watering harder, as you are only allowed to water occasionally, and many times manually. In a way, more frequent hand watering actually wastes more water than deep infrequent watering, nevertheless you can only work to the rules. When the rules make it to be hard to do deep infrequent watering, then just do your best within the rules.

With Warm climate turf like Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu, and Zoysia, they may brown off without any water and water restrictions prevent irrigation, however when it rains again they will usually come back. In low rainfall areas like inland Australia, grasses with underground runners will survive longer periods of drought. Buffalo is the only one without underground runners, its a little more important for Buffalo to not allow it to thin out due to long periods of drought. Make an effort not to leave Buffalo brown from drought stress for more than 1 week whenever possible.

For Perth.

As Perth has sandy soils, the water will quickly leach through the root zone. Getting the roots to grow deep is just as important, so during Spring, Winter, and Autumn, try deeper, less frequent watering. Often you will get away with once weekly in the less hot periods. In the warm summer months, lawns in Perth do better if watered twice a week, which under the regular water restrictions is often all that is allowed.

Wetting Agents.

Often Soil becomes hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. If you utilize a wetting agent, it’ll allow the water to …read more

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